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What do we do?

WFF connects women entrepreneurs with potential funders to enable founders to accelerate growth and scale in their companies. Founders will benefit from relationships with funders at any phase of the business, from seed to later stage, in any sector, regardless of geography. In addition, by providing education, networking and partnership opportunities, women can accelerate connections relevant to their business. Qualified funders will receive access to curated investment opportunities outside of their regular funnels and usual network.

Why are we different from other organizations?

WFF provides the missing link. WFF goes beyond networking to create and cement relationships between likeminded women who want to change the status quo and build successful, sustainable businesses. Using our proprietary process and tools to engage our members, WFF helps facilitate relationships including securing funding and strategic partnerships and providing a network of connected, experienced advisors.

Our unique value proposition

Meet like-minded founders and pre-vetted funders who share similar values and goals of providing access to capital and/or network to qualified entrepreneurs to grow their business.

Grow an international network of founders and funders who can help scale businesses outside of your home territory.

Provide introductions to firms outside the typical deal flow funnels in real time.

Make important relationships with the funding community, both for your current business state also for future capital needs.

For the start-up ecosystem: Understanding and meeting available resources and services can propel the growth of a successful company.Accessing quality resources via your WFF membership provides a short-cut that will pay off again and again.

Accounting Services – Tax Advice, Company Financial and Outsourcing Services

Board of Directors Software

Business plan drafting

Capital Raising Services


Electronic Press Kits and Video
Business Rockstars

Equity Compensation Consulting and Administration

Executive Coaching

Graphic design


Human Resources Outsourcing


Legal Services

Marketing and Sales


U.S. Tax-Advantaged Charitable Giving

Wealth Management Services

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